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Month: April 2015

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Think before you drink- Responsible Drinking

What it Really Means to Drink Responsibly and What You Need To Do to Practice it

Responsible consumption of alcohol is an issue that is often tackled around the world. Guidelines are even created to ensure that people are practicing it. However, even with these released guidelines, there are still many people who do not know what it means to drink responsibly. Do you?

Drinking Responsibly is:

Are you always reminded by someone when you are going out for a drink? Maybe, one of your friends does? Whatever the case is, what does responsible drinking mean to you?

Basically, there are several aspects that describe responsible drinking.

  • Drinking responsibly includes keeping yourself safe while you hang out with others
  • It entails avoiding situations that can be dangerous to you.
  • Responsible drinking involves minimizing possible risks it may bring to you and to others.
  • Lastly, it means having a positive and good drinking experience.

Do you think that these are all hard to ensure all the time? Well, there are ways you can keep in mind to ensure that you ensure all those things mentioned above. Consider the list below:

Make a Responsible Drinker Out of Yourself By:            

  • Wait Until You Reach the Appropriate Age – 18

Drinking when you are still under 18 is considered as illegal. The reason for waiting until you are at the right age is not because it is the right thing to do. The reason is that the body of people who are still under 18 cannot cope up well with alcoholic beverages. The brain, liver and heart of people under 18 are not fully developed. Thus, they are not capable of processing alcohol. Hence, it is damaging to the health. If you are underage and your friends invited you to drink with them, then go. Just make sure to settle in drinking soft drinks.

  • Know What You are Drinking

Firstly, you need to be knowledgeable about standard drink. Use the information you will gather in keeping track of the amount you consume. Always keep the alcohol content in each beverage in mind. Most importantly, you need to space out the time whenever you are drinking.

  • Never Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is a combination you should never ever practice. In case that you are planning to go out for a drink, you need to drink just enough amount of it. The recommended drinking amount is one standard drink for women and 2 standard drinks for men. Be reminded that alcohol is considered as a depressant. It slows down the reaction speed making it dangerous for you.

  • Do Not Mix Alcohol with Any Other Drugs

Doing so brings a serious impact. It does not only have its effect on your behavior. Mixing alcohol with other drugs also makes you horribly sick. Remember, there is no safe combo with regard to these two. So, it is best to simply stick with one.

Above all things, drinking responsibly is about knowing your limit and keeping up with it. You should know your drinking limit and never attempt after it.

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How to Choose which wine to drink?

There are many kinds of wines that are available in the market like the sparkling, rice, blush and champagne. The well-known wines are the white and red. There is a question on how people choose which wine to drink whether for a certain occasion or celebration. The common answer would be it will depend on the taste preference of the person that will be drinking and the type of wine that will be drink. The difference between the white and red wine is the juice being used. For the red wine it includes the stem, the skin and the seeds of black or red grapes. While the white wine is any grape color, and only the juice is taken.

In choosing which wine to drink in a meal, the preferred is the white wine for the light food eating. This is because drinking heavy wines will dominate the food taste. The red ones is appropriate for the heartier meal since the food will going to be complimented in the strong flavor of the wine. Most people dink white wines together with the white meats like the chicken and fish and the red wines for the red meats and foods with sauce.

In a restaurant, the right time to choose which wine to drink is after deciding on what type of meal you will be eating. But this does not apply usually, this will vary on what type of taste you have either taking the white or red wine does not matter. The main thing that matters is how to enjoy both the food and the wine. The rules are only just a guide and remember that in every general rule there is an exemption, and in here, the exemption is the taste.

The taste of wine can be either dry or sweet, though it is hard to tell that a liquid would taste dry, but in terms of wine, it is just simply the opposite of sweet. In addition to the dryness of a wine, the weight is also under the category. The weight may refer to the alcohol amount that is present. The word “body” can be equivalent to the wine’s thickness and the weight of the mouth. In choosing what the right wine for you, is to have a taste testing since it creates a different impact depending on the weight, body an taste you prefer.

How people choose which wine to drink depends also on the vintage. Vintage is the year when the wine was made. The weather has also a participation on the on the taste of the wine. The level of rains that comes to cover the time of harvest will produce good sugar amount to the grapes. The certain years of a wine can make best wines as compared to other wines. The bottle also makes a difference. The 1990 is the good year for wines, choosing wines from this age will be a good factor. Remember that though vintage is important to know which wine to drink, the older wines may not necessarily be the best wine if the bottle comes from a bad vintage.