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Month: May 2015

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Enjoying top 3 cocktails this summer

With summer peaking and scorching, most people would be looking for ways and means to spend indoors or at their friends’ place trying to entertain themselves when they are free. When cocktails are concerned, tastes definitely veer towards lighter side. Light spirits and fresh fruits such as vodka and white run step in for those richer barrel-aged and heavier spice liquors. As a matter of fact, mixologists are well aware of the drill. Some would like to begin with basil and fresh mint, honey and bright citrus fruits. A good lime is sure to be loved by everyone to beat the summer heat.

Making a difference to summertime cocktail making

Well known mixologists state that the difference made by them for their clients when preparing summertime cocktail is to ensure that all the drinks during the period are easier to prepare. It is to be put up together quickly, to make the whole thing delicious and to enjoy good company and sunshine.

Three refreshing and quick summer cocktails

With these three cocktails, it is possible to have the guests to enjoy the drink and to seek more.

  1. Colbert Bump

It is Esquire’s David Wondrich, who create this drink and it is after Stephen Colbert a political satirist extraordinaire that it has been named after, something that is sure to please everyone’s palate.


Gin 1 ½ oz.

Cherry Heering 1 oz.

Club Soda / Carbonated Water 2 splashes

Lemon Juice ½ oz.

Mixing instructions

4 ice cubes are to be placed in highball glass. Cherry brandy of 1 oz. to be poured, followed by Gin of 1.5 oz and then by lemon juice of 0.5 oz. Soda water is to be added and stirred.

  1. Canadian Summer Vacation

It is another popular recipe that is enjoyed not only in Canada, but across the globe.


Peach Schnapps 1 ½

Yukon Jack 1½

Pineapple juice 1 ½ oz.

Mixing instructions

Taking a cocktail shaker, ingredients are to be shaken well. It is then to be strained into a glass that is filled up with ice.

  1. Merry’s Mid-summer Night Lemonade

It is another cocktail that is gin based and easy to prepare. One should serve it in mason jar.


Gin 1 ½ oz.

Lime Cordial (Rose’s) 1 splash

Sprite 5 oz.

Lemon 1 wedge

Lime 1 wedge

Mixing instructions

Gin is to be added over ice in mason jar. Then sprite is to be added and topped off with lime juice. Now, garnish with lime and lemon wedges and stir.

Knowing how to prepare them can help the individual to entertain the guests with wonderful cocktails.

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The Craft Beer Revolution

A craft beer is a beer made by a craft brewery. Craft brewers are independent, small and traditional. Less than 25 percent of the craft brewery is controlled or owned by an alcoholic beverage industry member, and they produce only small quantities of beer. But why is craft beer so popular? Why is it doing so well compared to other beers? Here are the reasons:

Craft beer tastes better and is less expensive
Since it is produced in small quantities much effort is put to the production process why makes it to taste better than the mass produced beer. When you consider the cost per drinking session, craft beer is cheaper to drink.

Craft beer has high alcoholic content
Most craft beer average 5 to 10 percent alcohol by volume. Some can reach 20, 30 and even 40 percent abv.

Craft beer reduces the number of times you visit the bathroom
When you drink craft beer, you will not have to pee so often because you won’t drink as many beers. Drinking just one craft beer is equivalent to drinking between 4 and 6 of ordinary beer.

Craft beer has health benefits
Research has shown that craft beer has more health benefits than red wine. It contains more nutrients, some vitamin B and soluble fibre.

With craft beer, you consume fewer calories
If you have been worried about the calorie content you consume in your favourite beer, better switch to craft beer. Even though craft beer has more calories per beer than the ordinary beer, you will consume fewer calories per drinking because you will drink only a few bottles.

Craft beer is everywhere! You might have a local brewery in your city or town, restaurants and bars carry craft beer nationwide and you can pick them up at your local liquor or beer stores.

Welcome to the craft beer revolution, you’ll enjoy it!