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The Craft Beer Revolution

A craft beer is a beer made by a craft brewery. Craft brewers are independent, small and traditional. Less than 25 percent of the craft brewery is controlled or owned by an alcoholic beverage industry member, and they produce only small quantities of beer. But why is craft beer so popular? Why is it doing so well compared to other beers? Here are the reasons:

Craft beer tastes better and is less expensive
Since it is produced in small quantities much effort is put to the production process why makes it to taste better than the mass produced beer. When you consider the cost per drinking session, craft beer is cheaper to drink.

Craft beer has high alcoholic content
Most craft beer average 5 to 10 percent alcohol by volume. Some can reach 20, 30 and even 40 percent abv.

Craft beer reduces the number of times you visit the bathroom
When you drink craft beer, you will not have to pee so often because you won’t drink as many beers. Drinking just one craft beer is equivalent to drinking between 4 and 6 of ordinary beer.

Craft beer has health benefits
Research has shown that craft beer has more health benefits than red wine. It contains more nutrients, some vitamin B and soluble fibre.

With craft beer, you consume fewer calories
If you have been worried about the calorie content you consume in your favourite beer, better switch to craft beer. Even though craft beer has more calories per beer than the ordinary beer, you will consume fewer calories per drinking because you will drink only a few bottles.

Craft beer is everywhere! You might have a local brewery in your city or town, restaurants and bars carry craft beer nationwide and you can pick them up at your local liquor or beer stores.

Welcome to the craft beer revolution, you’ll enjoy it!

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